E-Mentor Protégé Partnership

E-MP is a volunteer mentor Protégé program in Norway.

E-MP connects our learners with external corporate, government partners, organisational leaders, and alumni who are committed to supporting their professional development journeys.
Become a Mentor at INNO-SCI

A volunteer mentoring program designed to complement the academic advisor system by helping students (protégé) to build solid relationships and networks in the STEM environment in Norway; to monitor their academic performance and personal well-being; to offer encouragement; and to provide a proactive support network.

E-MP is a mentorship program which pairs are partners and affiliates
(including alumni, staff,and graduate students) devoted to supporting
Senior students as they acclimate to life in Norway.

Through the E-MP program leaders in Society work closely with women with international educational experience and from diverse backgrounds living in Norway during our STEM upskilling process.
The E-Mentor Protégé Program’s goal is to assist students in transitioning from academia to the workplace.
INNO-SCI and E-MP mentors collaborate closely to guide them through the cultural, social and professional process.
As a volunteer mentor, you will assist them in adapting and offer advice throughout the program.
The E-Mentor Protégé Program (E-MP) is a virtual mentoring program that seeks to enhance the personal and professional growth of INNO-SCI students (protégé). The program matches students to active professionals and leaders so they can engage in a relevant, career-oriented mentor-mentee relationship that will aide in students’ post-graduate transition into the workforce.
Please keep in mind that, while this is a virtual mentoring program, we encourage mentors and protégé to communicate in person whenever possible.

As a volunteer mentor, you have the opportunity to
positively influence the lives of new students

Apply to the E-Mentor Protégé Volunteer Mentor Program (E-MP)

    As a volunteer career trainer

    Requirements to become a Volunteer Mentor

    E-MP mentors, in particular, are professionals who want to help students strategize, grow professionally, and network. The interests listed in the applications are used to match people. Although we make every effort to match students based on their specific professional interests and major, this is not the goal of the match; mentors are available to encourage the development of professional skills that can be applied to any profession in the Nordics.