Cyber ​​Security Workshop – Introduction to Cybersecurity (Foundation)

Cyber Security Workshop

This is a free foundation workshop for Women to kickstart your career in tech in Cybersecurity. In collaboration with Microsoft, discover the top new attacks and gain a deeper insight into cybersecurity trends. Learn steps to evolve critical skills, processes & controls to mitigate risk.

About the event

Inno-Sci Cyber ​​Security Academy is a learning program for women, who want to up-skill their digital skills, practice leadership and gain insight into innovation principles. We are creating a pool of skilled female cybersecurity professionals. In collaboration with Microsoft we provide women from underrepresented communities interested in cybersecurity with professional development and skill-building. Inno-Sci Cyber ​​Security Academy – Women in Tech program provides advanced participants with foundation training.

With the increasing risk of Cyber-attack, the demand for cybersecurity has been increased to great extent, and so it creates a plenty of jobs in this sector. This is a fact that it is not that simple to fill up millions of jobs. For this reason, our partners organisation, Microsoft has decided to involve almost 23 countries. The aim is that by the year 2025, 3.5 million jobs will be introduced in the Cybersecurity sector. But before starting the jobs,basic training is very important. skilling program have some common attributes like the high Cybersecurity threats and gaps in the diversification of jobs in the Cybersecurity sector. Countries like Norway lack diversification in their Cybersecurity sector. On an estimate, the representation of females is only 17% in the Cybersecurity sector of 2 dozen countries. Thus, ignoring women in the Cybersecurity sector has caused some consequences of vacant jobs. So in collaboration with Microsoft, we actually want to empower females in this field along with men.



Due to the international mix of tutors and the subject areas, this program is conducted in English.



By the time your training ends, you will be adept at:


The audience for this course is looking to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of security, compliance, and identity (SCI) across cloud-based and related Microsoft services. The content for this course aligns to the SC-900 exam objective domain. Candidates should be familiar with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 and understand how Microsoft security, compliance, and identity solutions can span across these solution areas to provide a holistic and end-to-end solution.
Job role: Student
Preparation for exam & certification: SC-900
Features: none
Getting the SC-900 certification exam is easier than most other IT certifications. You only need to clear one exam to earn your Microsoft Certified: Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals certification. It is an optional test in the certification path for Security, Compliance and Identity. This credential targets IT professionals who wish to understand the SCI (security, compliance and identity) fundamentals related to cloud services, specialising in Microsoft’s services. This makes up a broad section of IT professionals, industry aspirants and business stakeholders.

If you are preparing for the SC-900 certification exam or are simply looking for a new security certification to elevate your career, this is a great place to start. Before you start studying, it’s a good idea to know what you are getting into, the types of questions you should expect, the exam prerequisites, if any and why you should pursue this certification in the first place.

Benefits of SC-900 Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals SC-900 Certification Training:

In the IT industry, especially the cloud domain, there are several benefits of an SC 900 certification training course.
Give your career the boost it deserves and enrol in an Foundation course SC 900 training course on Inno-Sci today.

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If you want more information about the course, you can send an email to Eunice:

Co-sponsors: Microsoft. The course is developed by Inno-Sci by Eunice Hammond-Morkild. Eunice is an advocate for Women in STEM. She is passionate about bridging the digital gaps, DeEd, and simplifying Deep Tech for people and especially for women to better prepare them for the labor market of the future.

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Cyber ​​Security Workshop – Introduction to Cybersecurity (Foundation)


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