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Summer Bootcamp – Mobile App Dev

Apps are everywhere! But have you ever wondered what goes into the making of an app? In this course, students will learn about how to build apps at a record speed with no-code involved, to help businesses support their business processes and activities.

About the event

Class Size: 25 (Registration is binding).

Course Summary Program

In this 5 day course,we will teach young individuals how to help businesses to build mobile apps to support business processes and activities at record speed with no code involved.
This method of accelerated app building allows for flexibility when business rules and logic changes. This flexibility also allows these apps to have very low maintenance cost, whilst maintaining very high level data integrity.
This method of app development leans heavily towards data modelling and user experience.
Prerequisites: None
Experience: None
Programming experience: None
Tools to bring:

What is a Mobile App?

A mobile application (also called a mobile app) is a type of application designed to run on a mobile device, which can be a smartphone or tablet computer. Even if apps are usually small software units with limited function, they still manage to provide users with quality services and experiences.

One of the most important reasons to build a mobile app for your business is customer loyalty. A mobile app allows a business to directly communicate with its customer. In-app purchases, ads, and promotions have a greater impact on the customer as compared to roadside banners, social media ads, and email marketing.

Teaching Methodology:

In this course your instructor will attempt to present the course in an interactive manner based on real-life examples. Students will get hands-on experience on how to build a Mobile App. The focus of this program is to help students to model their thinking and learn how to approach possible challenges.

Students will learn:

By the end of the course, students will have developed computational thinking and problem-solving skills, and will have created an interactive Mobile App on their phone.


Due to the international mix of tutors and the subject areas, the Summer program is conducted in Norwegian and English.
* Please bring your own laptop & your mobile phones
Sponsors: Bergen Kommune

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If you want more information about the course, you can send an email to Eunice:

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