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The mission of goIT

In partnership with Tata Consultancy Services goIT in Norway, we provide a home for supporting women and students who pursue ideas with passion for world-changing Green and sustainable impacts.

What is goIT?

TCS’ flagship digital innovation and career readiness program, goIT (go Innovate Together), prepares students with the skills, confidence and mindsets necessary to pursue careers of the future. ​

Through engaging design workshops and custom mentorship experiences, goIT impacts students around the globe by challenging stereotypes and inspiring our future leaders to pursue careers in STEM and the computer sciences.

For more than a decade, TCS has been committed to empowering youth around the world to pursue careers in STEM and the computer sciences through our flagship, digital innovation and career readiness program goIT (go Innovate Together).​

We partner with schools, non-profits and government agencies across the globe to directly impact students underrepresented in the STEM fields. With our industry-created, student-tested and teacher-approved curriculum, we introduce students to careers in the STEM fields and provide a structured environment to design a tech-based solution to a global problem. All of this is done alongside the support and mentorship of TCS volunteers​.

By the completion of the program, students are prepared with the skills, confidence and mindsets, necessary to pursue careers of the future.


“Innovations and revolutionary products rarely start out as a physical object. They may start out as a concept in someone’s head; But you cannot succeed with just ideas alone. Developing a fully-fledged product can be a long, complex process filled with trials and errors. However, there is one key step that all ideas must go through if they are to become successful sustainable solutions.” – Inno-Sci

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Why goIT?

goIT – Innovate: Immersive digital innovation Green technology program

Around the world, there are more jobs in STEM and the computer sciences than there are qualified candidates to fill them. What causes this gap? Why aren’t more students pursuing an interest in these fields? Students often don’t realize the multitude of offerings available. There’s also a lack of understanding of what goes into becoming a STEM or computer science professional. At TCS, we are dedicated to interrupting this pattern.


“Become a digital innovator at your own pace! Follow this virtual experience to discover industry-relevant practices and skills while developing a green tech- solution to a relevant problem in your community.” – Inno-Sci


Goals of the program:

Prepare students with the skills, confidence, and mindset necessary to pursue careers of the future.

  • SPARK CURIOSITY – Inspire students from historically underrepresented communities to become more interested in Computer sciences and STEM fields.
  • DEMYSTIFY COMPUTER SCIENCE – Share how STEM skills can be developed with practice and not something you’re born with
  • MEET INDUSTRY EXPERTS – Students to get introduced to and learn from TCS and industry volunteer-mentors.
  • PROVIDE A SAFE SPACE – Crete a classroom culture where students embrace risk and view failure as an opportunity to grow.
  • BUILD SKILLS & CONFIDENCE – Help students gain the 21st century skills and confidence necessary to pursue CS and STEM careers

Course requirements:


Tools to bring




What goIT Offer:

Industry-developed, student-tested, and teacher-approved curriculum that introduces students to design thinking (a problem-solving framework), the innovation life cycle, entrepreneurship, global business leaders, real-world industry experiences, and more.  All are supported by mentorship provided by TCS associates.  Our program is designed to provide multiple “at-bats” for students to build skills, confidence and mindsets necessary to pursue careers of the future.

Our Vision:

  • Inspire women to consider a career in science and in green technology.
  • To enable product developers to mock-up a prototype in a short time compared to what it used to before.
  • Empower you to design and develop innovative green and sustainable digital solutions.
  • Develop hands-on skills of highly utilised open-source technology to rapidly test ideas, create a protype and innovations.
  • Challenge gender stereotypes by showcasing women in STEM as role models.
  • Provide exposure and insight into varied roles within an IT company and the business world.

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